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Adrien Coelho

Adrien Coelho: the man of the art It is a beauty globe trotter. The hairdresser born in France, who has successfully sublimated the mane of the stars in the European capital, has developed in Brussels all his skills of exaltation of deep aesthetics and well-being thanks to his strong vision of the harmony of the person, and his experience in supervision and management. Adrien Coelho is hairdresser, and above all, visionary. Idea artist and ambassador at L'oreal professional Belgium, He also collaborated with Dior and Gucci, and so many others. Her artistic experimentation fields extend to beauty and hair styling for the high-end women's press, with numerous collaborations for ELLE, VOGUE, L'OFFICIEL, COSMOPOLITAN ... Adrien Coelho has been the privileged partner of several editions of the Magritte du Cinéma (the "Belgian Oscar"), and various creative events equivalent to fashion weeks in Brussels, taking care of the hair cabin of many fashion shows. Artist hairdresser most sought after by magazines and organizers of parades throughout his "Belgian period", as others have had a "blue period", it is without blues that he left Belgium to pursue his American dream and exalt beauty in Miami Beach and New York. Since his recent arrival in the United States, he is already represented by an agency, and stands as a centerpiece on the subtle chessboard of shootings led by renowned photographer and music video makers. In all things, its engines are innovation and curiosity. His main character trait: the” avant garde”. His passion: entrepreneurship. Adrien Coelho do hair- and beyond participates in the fashion dimension of a silhouette - on international parades, exclusive prestigious shootings and editorial, media events. Trained in morphopsychology, he is the master of the perfect cut, and has developed a concept of holistic beauty institute unique in Brussels that takes care of every aspect of being, its aesthetics, its deep equilibrium. The big names of the song, modeling, actors, actresses and it-girls who matter there quickly became hooked. Capable of both developing the identity of different hairdressing salons, coaching practically every person who would ask for it about its look, realizing tutorials, elaborating visual identities, it is able to bring out the subtle identity of women and men who seek to match their appearance with their intrinsic nature. At the level of the hairstyle, the make-up, or the choice of the dressing, Adrien Coelho, advises to all the level of the expression of self. It is not only hairdresser, it brings out the best potential of each. Winner three times of the hairdresser Award man and woman, its priority is the suitability with the aesthetic criteria of the time, a twist more. But also the pace, the savoir-vivre, the coherence. Adrien Coelho has always coached personalities of fashion, models, figures of luxury. His intuition leads him to discover in each one the light to highlight, and with measure, he exalts a beauty that was not suspected. Put your elegance in your hands: Adrien Coelho knows where to find the best of yourself, to make you a shining star under your own spotlight.
Adrien Coelho
Adrien Coelho2 months ago
New story OUT NOW .
#hairbyADRIENCOELHO . For this look in used my COELHO.haircare
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